Constellation Collaboration

This is an ongoing personal project in which a collaborator and I make up an imaginary constellation together. I ask my collaborator to mark a random number of stars between 2 and 12. Then I connect them. They look at the shape that the stars and lines create and decide what it is. Then I draw it.


W_RandyLE_Poodle016 W_PaulK_TurtleKissingaVase009 W_Nikita_Deer W_MindyC_DogWaitingForOwnr026 W_MattS_HeadlesDiscoDancer025 W_LukeN_Fox013 W_Lisa-Constellation002 W_LauraP_WolfHowlingatMoon018 W_Kira_StingRay027 W_KaylaB_Robot019 W_JohnG_Mouse021 W_JesseLE_Puppy024 W_JesseJ_NinjaStar022 W_JacobLE_Baby-Stroller015 W_Haven_Ornithopter004 W_FrankM_Witch017 W_EricaW_Pinwheel014 W_Eric_Camel006 W_Dagan_Sea-Serpant005 W_Anita_HighSteppingBirdie011 W_AlexT_Fox010 W_AlexL_Helicopter002 W_AdilM_UnicornChessPiece020